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Ignite your business reality with highly interactive AR apps to solve complex problems and enhance brand loyalty.

AppsNation is a famous company for producing best-in-industry custom Augmented Reality apps for various niches. We create AR apps across different platforms that convert and boost leads and sales with robust functionality and appealing designs.

Being the AR app development industry pioneer, we have set a standard with our years of experienced and highly tech-savvy AR app developers. We strive to build the innovative dreams of others and make it possible for them to thrive among the best. We create AR apps that support every device, such as AR headsets, smart glasses, smart lenses, tablets, smartphones, and other augmented reality compatible devices to achieve customer satisfaction. Our primary focus is to flourish the AR technology into the businesses and among the audience.

AR App Development

Why Choose AppsNation

We help you overcome the most challenging difficulties in AR, such as object/scene identification, occlusion, and content production and management.

Free AR App Consultation

Free AR App Consultation

With AppsNation, you can consult your way to success for free.

50+ AR App Developers

50+ AR App Developers

Unleash your true potential with best-in-class AR app developers across the globe.

Flexible Hiring Models

Flexible Hiring Models

AppsNation is accessible to everyone regardless of the business size and the industry with personalized pricing packages.

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support

Never feel overwhelmed; our technical staff is available 24/7 to resolve any issues with the application.

100% Transparency

100% Transparency

With customer satisfaction our utmost priority, we keep ourselves transparent to the client to trust us with the app.

3-Months Free Support After Delivery

3-Months Free Support After Delivery

We offer 3-months of free support after app launch to ensure the app's integrity.

Custom AR App Development Company

Own an interactive AR app for your consumers to have an interactive experience of your business and maximize customer engagement.

AR Apps For Android & iOS

AR Apps For Android & iOS

We are proficient in powering up Android and iOS with a stimulating technology of AR to empower businesses with a new trend of marketing and engagement.

Marker-based Augmented Reality Apps

Offer your users a simulating experience of your product/service with a marker-based AR app that transforms the 3D object into real-life material by pointing the camera to a QR code.

Marker-based Augmented Reality Apps
Markerless Augmented Reality Apps

Markerless Augmented Reality Apps

Power up your user experience with a markerless AR app that works through a link or AR option within the app developed by our professional AR app developers.

E-Commerce AR Integration

Transform your e-commerce store by implementing AR technology for the consumers to experience shopping in an augmented environment.

E-Commerce AR Integration
AR Game App Development

AR Game App Development

Be the trend like Pokémon GO did with our outstanding AR game app development services for the simplest and even the most complex game stories.

AR Support & Maintenance

We offer reliable and sustainable AR app support and maintenance services to ensure the app flawlessly delivers its purpose and functionality.

AR Support & Maintenance
Superimposition-based AR

Superimposition-based AR

Leverage the object recognition in superimposition-based AR app to replace the source picture with an augmented view to help consumers make the right choice of the product.

Recognition-based AR

We create highly responsive recognition-based AR apps with faultless functionality to deliver a seamless user experience of Augmented Reality to the audience.

Recognition-based AR
Projection-based AR

Projection-based AR

We design and build intuitive projection-based AR apps for industries to leverage and make learning, analyzing, and other processes simpler and smoother.

Location-based AR

We develop the most precise location-based AR apps to enable your business to track consumers accurately to deliver them the right offers.


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AR Game Development

AR Games Development Services

AR Action

AR Action



AR Adventure

AR Adventure

AR Puzzle

AR Puzzle

AR Sports

AR Sports

AR Arcade

AR Arcade

AR Simulation

AR Simulation

AR Brain

AR Brain

AR Combat

AR Combat


Creative AR App Development Agency

We help a diverse clientele build result-driven mobile apps for different industries.


Now it's time to save time & effort as well; with the help of Augmented Reality there, you can access 3D warehouse visuals with precise customization during streamlined truck loading.


Use the Augmented Reality ( AR) technology to visualize your product or services that will help your customer better understand your business, like virtual transactions and virtual payments.


Empower your e-commerce business with the help of Augmented Reality that will present your product in front of your audience in such an effective & better manner so your audience engagement rate will increase.


Augmented Reality App (AR) can act like a mobile payment solution app where everyone can immediately call up their account balance information while shopping and also can do other varieties of other things without a physically present at the bank.


Enjoy visualized diverse and personalized responses and activities with the help of visualized situational awareness, or even you can revolutionize existing security measures.

Our VR App Development Process

AppsNation guarantees that our AR app development process is fluid, resulting in an application being developed and delivered on time.


Project Analysis of Requirements

We assist you in choosing the most appropriate AR application with pertinent functionalities for your business by extensively studying your industry and rivals to give you a result-driven approach. Finally, we present you with a business document containing all the project information.


Wireframing & Designing

We understand the art of augmented reality and have a track record of developing successful apps that combine realistic experience design, high-quality 3D presentation, and fluid user interactions. Our UI/UX designers can create high-quality AR apps that accurately portray virtual components in a real-world setting.


App Development

Our expert team of AR app developers can help you achieve your business goals. We create highly scalable, functional, and well-optimized AR apps with experienced AR app developers from many sectors that operate remarkably well on all devices and platforms.=


App Testing

We test the AR app using the most recent trends and methodology to verify that it is well-optimized and performs adequately across many platforms and devices. With extensive app testing, our superior quality assurance team ensures the integrity of the AR app, including its augmented environment.


App Deployment

Deploying your custom AR app on the right platform while adhering to the platform's stringent requirements for a successful launch is a critical component of our premium AR app development services. For marketplace publishing, our team creates the necessary paperwork, descriptions, and screenshots.


Post-launch Support and Maintenance

Our commitment extends beyond deployment as we provide ongoing support and maintenance services. We address any issues, implement updates, and enhance the app's performance based on user feedback and emerging technologies. You can rely on us to ensure the continued success and optimization of your AR application.

Technology Stack

With great technology comes a great tool stack. Therefore, we serve you with the most advanced technology and tools for VR app development.

android Logo


Android Studio is a feature-rich and highly versatile framework for developing Android applications. It is an official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing Android apps. AppsNation has years of expertise developing highly functional Android apps using Android Studio

Unity Logo


The most obvious advantage of utilizing Unity is its simplicity. It employs C#, which is deemed simple, has a user-friendly interface, and has clear architecture. Start your game development adventure with the help of our skilled Unity professionals.

Java Logo


We offer to empower your business with an android app fostered using Java. Java has a large number of libraries. It is simple to make use of these libraries. Many standard Java libraries are bundled with the Android SDK. These contain a data structure, graphics implants, networking functions, etc.

SQLite Logo


SQLite embeds the software inside mobile phones with no installation or configuration required, making it compatible with every platform from Windows to macOS to Linux to Android and, of course, iOS. With our SQLite database knowledge, you may enhance your operations by controlling them online.

C# Logo


C# is an incredibly flexible programming language that is object-oriented (OOP) and one of the finest programming languages for gaming. Allow us to use our years of C# development experience to design your bespoke AR application

Vuforia Logo


Vuforia is a popular Augmented Reality platform for developers. It makes it simple for developers to incorporate object recognition technology into UWP, iOS, and Android applications. Vuforia Engine has the technology to assist you in making AR a reality, and you have us to make your AR app idea a reality.

ARKit Logo


ARKit has simplified the development of robust mobile AR applications for iOS, and no prior expertise working with augmented reality is required. Step into the new reality with our expert AR developers proficient in the ARKit framework

ARCore Logo


ARCore is a platform for creating cross-platform augmented reality experiences, including motion tracking, understanding the surroundings, and light estimate. Announce your ideal AR app across the platforms with our ARCore professionals

MySQL Logo


MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS), which implies that data is stored in several distinct, well-coded tables rather than a single source. Improve your operations by controlling them online using our MySQL database knowledge.

JavaScript Logo


Some of the most well-known online apps, such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, are built with JavaScript. It is used both on the client-side and the server-side. Hire us to harness the power of JavaScript for your own AR app and grow your business with a feature-rich app

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Frequently Asked Questions

The user can be transported into another reality using virtual reality. Take us somewhere else, in other words. VR closes out the area and relocates our presence elsewhere by employing closed visors or goggles.

On the other hand, augmented reality enhances our current reality by adding something to it. It does not lead us anyplace. It simply "enhances" our current state of presence, often with clear visors.

The same thing unites augmented and virtual reality: they are both immersive experiences. They both have the incredible ability to alter our perception of the world. The sense of our presence, on the other hand, varies.

AR uses phones and tablets to supplement reality, whereas VR uses headgear to create a new universe. AR is better for discrete, technical concerns, but VR is better for comprehensive, soft-skill information. Both AR training and VR training provide an excellent long-term ROI.

The cost of developing an AR app is mostly determined by the demands; project complexity, modules, reporting, back-end system, hardware setup, integration, etc. After you know precisely what you want, you can estimate how much it will cost.

The cost of developing a smartphone AR application, for example, might range from $5,000 to $100,000.

The cost of developing an augmented reality application will be determined by your business concept and the technology, talents, and time required to make it a reality.

These considerations have a significant influence on the expenses of developing an AR app:

  • The nature of your augmented reality app: Marker-based or Markerless
  • AR app complexity
  • Software permits

The development cost might range from a few thousand dollars for a simple AR software to $300,000 or more for a feature-rich, tailored AR solution.

AR app designing and programming can take 1-8 weeks or more depending on the scope of the virtual environment, features, models, purpose, amount of digital assets, and the number of interactions.

To develop your unique AR apps, we employ the following technological stack:


  • Vuforia
  • Android Studio
  • Unity 3D
  • ARKit
  • ARCore


  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C+


  • SQLite
  • MySQL

When it comes to mobile AR apps, we constantly consider special checklists for testing, such as the appropriate operation of multiple screen orientations, Internet connection and interruptions, and varying degrees of memory and battery consumption. Let us go through the critical features of AR app testing:

  • A great deal of try and error
  • Session recording - UI and other automation testing tools
  • Putting the app through its paces in various situations
  • Put a variety of devices through their paces.
  • Tools for gathering user feedback

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally enforceable document that we utilize to ensure that your ideas are not duplicated or leaked to rivals while working on various projects. As a result, you should be less concerned about the security of your AR app.

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