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Shopping Express App
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    User GuideIt includes all of the application's primary parts, which will instruct and familiarise the user with the application.

  • services

    Product ListingA variety of product listings will be displayed to the user, from which he can add items to his cart.

  • property

    Search ProductUsers will be able to search for a particular product using filters and add them to their shopping basket.

  • booking

    FavoritesFavorite items will be preserved in this section, where the user can quickly add them to the cart at a later time.

  • mortgage

    CartThis feature will assist the user in adding and maintaining products that he wants to buy. It's an E-Cart where the user can keep track of all of his purchases before check-out.

  • check

    Coupon CodesUsers will be offered coupons and promo codes through promotions and regular usage of the application, which will be utilized to get discounts on purchases.

  • payment

    CheckoutThe feature refers to the procedure a consumer must follow when checking out the products in their shopping basket. At the front end, this is what the user sees.

  • wallet

    OrdersThe user can see all prior and current orders, verify their status, and ask questions about any of them.

  • history

    Payment GatewayFor e-commerce ventures, a payment gateway enables credit card payments. When a credit or debit card transaction is made, a payment gateway is part of the "magic" that happens behind the scenes.

  • reviews

    Push NotificationsAll actions and promotional offers will be notified to the user via push notification on the application, keeping him up to date.

Shopping Express App

Shop Admin Features

Shopping Express App
  • analytics

    DashboardThrough a full admin dashboard, you can manage and analyze your app statistics and analytics, as well as get quick information on all of your users, sales, and earnings.

  • content

    Content ManagementGenerate, upload, and maintain all of the application's content, as well as make changes if needed, using a simple and user-friendly content management system.

  • user

    User ManagementBy using a user management system, you can control and manage all application users, as well as observe their activities and learn about their interests.

  • management

    Product ManagementProduct management allows you to upload and manage products with descriptive categories, pricing, and other information.

  • promotions

    Order ManagementThrough the fast order management system, you can track, manage, and monitor all of your orders, as well as get information on their status.

  • bookings

    Gallery ManagementStart managing all bookings made on the application by different users, as well as accept/reject bookings based on service availability, using the booking management platform.

  • reviews

    Reviews & Ratings ManagementUsing a review and rating management system, you may stay up to speed on your valuable customers' thoughts and experiences, as well as manage their reviews and ratings on services.

  • notifications

    NotificationUse the notification option to stay up to date on your clients' activities and status.

Shopping Express App

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