Restaurant App Feature Listing

  • search

    Restaurant Menu OptionFoodies can browse for their favorite meals in this intuitive and classified menu book.

  • services

    Discounts & Coupons OptionTo entice your loyal consumers, offer exclusive discounts and vouchers.

  • property

    Gallery OptionA prominent and eye-catching gallery to display delicious meals and your restaurant's atmosphere.

  • mortgage

    Favorites OptionFavorites meals allow you to save and create a list of your favorite foods so you can easily reorder again.

  • promotions

    Real Time Order OptionWith our simple ordering system, you can order food in real-time, track your orders, and check the progress of your orders.

  • check

    Table Reservation OptionTo avoid queuing and disturbing your party vibe, use our quick pre-booking system.

  • payment

    Reviews & Rating OptionWith an easy review and rating system, you can stay up to current on your customers' experiences.

  • wallet

    Payment Gateway OptionEasy payments and check-outs with popular and advanced payment methods.

  • history

    Push Notifications OptionHistory of previously booked services is maintained in an active and very well form.

  • property

    Digital Receipts OptionBy using digital receipts and invoicing, you can keep track of your food budget and costs.


Admin Panel Features

  • analytics

    Dashboard OptionThrough the Admin Dashboard, you can manage and examine your restaurant's app statistics and analytics, as well as get information on your users, sales, and profitability.

  • content

    Branch Management OptionOrganize your restaurant locations using an intuitive branch management solution.

  • user

    User Management OptionView and manage all the application users and view their activities to know about their interests by the user management system.

  • management

    Menu Management OptionMenu management allows you to create and manage menus with comprehensive categories, food items, and pricing.

  • promotions

    Discounts Management OptionMonitor and generate a variety of promotional offers and discounts for customers to entice them to use the app by managing deals and coupons.

  • bookings

    Promo Codes Management OptionCreate and manage coupons and promo codes for app users to help them market the app using a coupon and promo code control system.

  • reviews

    Order Management OptionThe fast order management system allows you to keep track of, manage, and view all of your orders.

  • notifications

    Reservation Management OptionReservation management allows you to check availability and make bookings for your valued consumers.

  • promotions

    Reviews & Ratings Management OptionUsing our review and rating management system, you can stay up to speed on your valuable customers' ideas and experiences, as well as manage their reviews and ratings on your restaurant's cuisine and services.



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