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    Work OrdersDrivers can instantly obtain the job and start working on it thanks to an easy real-time request accepting function.

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    Preventive MaintenanceRegular servicing, inspections, and repairs, such as lubrication, adjustments, cleaning, testing, and the replacement of old parts, are all part of auto automobile servicing.

  • property

    Fuel ManagementFuel-management systems are intended to properly measure and manage fuel consumption in transportation. On each filling, an automated system evaluates the average gasoline consumption.

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    Accidental MaintenanceAdding accident maintenance reports is a simple and quick function that keeps the admin up to date.

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    GPS IntegrationFind the best routes, get precise locations, and share your present location with others using flexible and adaptive maps.

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    Push Notifications / AlertsDrivers receive instant messages regarding their activity and developments linked to their demands, among other things.

Admin Features

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    Dashboard & AnalyticsThrough a full admin dashboard, you can manage and analyze your app statistics and analytics, as well as get quick information on all of your users, sales, and earnings.

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    User ManagementBy using a user management system, you can control and manage all application users, as well as view their activities and learn about their interests.

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    Driver ManagementThrough driver management, you can monitor and control all of your drivers' activity, order fulfillment, and so on.

  • management

    Vehicle ManagementManage all of your vehicles and review each driver's service class record.

  • promotions

    Work Order ManagementCreate, manage, and track all of your work orders, as well as allocate them to your drivers.

  • bookings

    Maintenance ManagementView all of your vehicles' maintenance records and create daily, weekly, and month-by-month summaries.

  • reviews

    Fuel ManagementThrough a simple and user-friendly fuel management system, you can view all of your vehicles' fuel statistics.

  • notifications

    Accidental ManagementThrough a simple and user-friendly accidental management system, you can view all of your vehicle's accident records and overall spending.

  • notifications

    Notifications / AlertsThe notification/alerts tool will keep you up to date on your driver's acts and status.



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