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Apps Nation is a custom web application development company that provides unique web applications for a variety of businesses.

We provide technological consultancy, customized web apps, eCommerce solutions, CMS web apps, and web portal creation as well as end-to-end custom web development and app development services.

Our custom web application development services

Our custom web application developers have extensive expertise in creating cross-platform apps utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Custom Web App Development

Our custom web application development services solutions that tackle business difficulties in healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing are developed by us, a top web app development company. We make certain that the web solution meets your company's needs. Your business operations will be streamlined using custom web apps.

Cross-platform Apps

Apps Nation creates web and mobile applications that are compatible with all operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows, and provide the greatest possible user experience. These apps work across all platforms, allowing you to expand your brand's reach and engagement.

E-commerce Solutions

We've created eCommerce company solutions that include a complete portal, shopping cart, and product solutions, as well as the integration of a secure payment gateway. We make certain that each feature we integrate facilitates the seamless operation of your eCommerce business.

Web Portal Development

We create platforms for easy communication with clients to help you grow your business. We create business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), vendor portals, as well as job, matrimony, dating, mailing, and other sorts of web platforms

Custom CMS Web Development

For the customer, we create a unique content management system from the scratch for the client to facilitate them to the fullest. We create a CMS framework that is tailored to your specific business needs and that you own completely.

Technology Consulting

We have worked with many clients globally as one of the leading bespoke web application development experts. We have gathered expertise of these industries' operational and functional know-how. We want to be your trusted IT partner when it comes to OS, server, platform, and technology consultancy.

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Why Choose AppsNation

You receive a state-of-the-art solution with a cutting-edge appeal that engages more people online when you work with professional web developers and digital artists. Under packaged web app development services, take advantage of powerful technologies and a solid architecture to create a web solution that meets your needs.


When you hire us, you receive access to our extensive experience developing sophisticated custom apps.

Focus on Expertise

We cultivate a mobile expert culture that maintains a great commitment to stay at the forefront of our business through specialization.

Cost Reduction

We offer a cost-effective way to develop excellent mobile apps thanks to our time-tested development competence and large code repository.

Lower The Risk

We eliminate risk and give quick time-to-value to step-out into the continually shifting market by delivering quickly and efficiently.

Reliable and Flexile

We avoid difficulties and are adaptive to client needs by using the most up-to-date practises and technological skills.

One Partner For Everyone

Avoid costly resource onboarding and inefficiencies caused by many vendors. Our team is ready to help you with end-to-end business solutions.

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Creative Web App Development Agency

We help a diverse clientele build result-driven web apps for different industries.

Travel & Tourism

We create unique on-demand travel apps with features such as virtual reality tours, augmented reality navigation, payment gateways, booking, and an electronic ticketing system.


We design and develop health authority compliant web and mobile apps for hospitals, doctors, clinics, and other healthcare professionals.


We develop smart education solutions like 3D book reading apps, learning management systems, and knowledge-based apps.


We provide marketplaces with user-friendly vendor and client profiles, an interactive user interface, numerous payment choices, product listings, and a simple checkout process, among other features.


To enhance the browsing experience, we provide entire eCommerce apps that include a shopping site, real-time chatbots, and shopping guides.


Being a web app development company , we create efficient and innovative on-demand food online products with easy-to-use features including order tracking, various payment methods, vendor management, and delivery tracking.

Real Estate

We create web-based solutions for the real estate business that include features such as documentation, rental management, property administration, and property exchange.

Our Web App Development Process

AppsNation offers clients an easy and agile web app development process with a result-driven ideology.


Research and development

Apps Nation has a proper step by step procedure for research and development. Have a look:

  • Assessing your requirements
  • Validation of the concept
  • Developing a strategy for execution


Front-end Development

With proper thorough assessment, we move on to the next step:

  • The user's journey is being charted.
  • Front-end architecture setup.
  • UI/UX design


Back-end Development

With front-end architecture being setup, next step is the execution of back-end development:

  • Integration of third-party plugins in the backend setup and configuration
  • Effortless implementation


Manual and automated QA

We keep QA professionals in the loop so you can swiftly roll out new features and ensure that your app functions smoothly across all browsers and screens.

  • Testing of Functionality
  • Evaluation of the code
  • Error correction


Web App Development

We produce a proof-of-concept best web app development framework to examine the long-term potential of the web application in development and to assess the viability of your idea for genuine execution.


Maintenance and Support

Our web application development professionals thoroughly assess your company requirements and accessible technologies to assist you in selecting the most appropriate web stack.

Technology Stack

Apps Nation Technology Stack is divided into three main categories. Let’s take a look:

android Logo


Android Studio is a feature-rich and highly versatile framework for developing Android applications. It is an official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing Android apps. AppsNation has years of expertise developing highly functional Android apps using Android Studio

Angular Logo


Angular provides an engaging and purposeful user experience, from loading speed to a variety of tools options and much more.

Node JS Logo

Node JS

Create sophisticated server-side apps in a runtime environment and observe code execution outside of a web browser to increase efficiency

Google Cloud Logo

Google Cloud

You get sophisticated web development services with a robust suite that includes Gmail, file storage, Google Search, and YouTube.

AWS Logo


On-demand cloud computing with APIs gives you entire control and power over your web assets while also providing reliable long-term support.

Microsoft Azure Logo

Microsoft Azure

Build scripts, run tests, distribute assets, and manage apps and services using sophisticated cloud computing data centers.

Google Fit SDK Logo

Google Fit SDK

Make the most of our expertise in Google Fit SDK to obtain yourself a feature-rich android app for health care and fitness. Google Fit offers Android and all other APIs to assist developers in creating better health and wellness apps. In addition, it helps you discover fresh insights that users desire to share with you

Java Logo


We offer to empower your business with an android app fostered using Java. Java has a large number of libraries. It is simple to make use of these libraries. Many standard Java libraries are bundled with the Android SDK. These contain a data structure, graphics implants, networking functions, etc.

Kotlin Logo


We provide you with powerful bespoke Android applications thanks to our adequate knowledge in Kotlin. Kotlin, a general-purpose language, adds functional elements to allow Java compatibility. Kotlin arose from increased efficiency – a better coding experience in both Native and Hybrid app development.

Xamarin Native C Logo

Xamarin Native C

We have a good grip on Xamarin Native C to design highly scalable Android apps. Using platform-specific UI components, Xamarin allows you to design faultless experiences. Xamarin can also be used to create cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows

React Native Logo

React Native

Transform and digitalize your business with our expert React Native developers. React Native allows you to develop genuinely native apps while maintaining the user experience. You may use React Native to create mobile apps that work well on both Android and iOS platforms

Firebase Logo


We have been using Firebase to power organizations with customized mobile app solutions. Firebase is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that enables developers to build outstanding customer experiences as well as store and sync data amongst users in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web development, design, QA, and product deployment to your servers are all included in the cost estimate. You can reach out to us to learn more about the cost of developing a custom web application. development of web applications.

Yes. As a leading web app development firm, we place a high priority on protecting your intellectual property, which is included in our services.

Yes, you certainly can. Our web application development company, in fact, encourages it to the benefit of our customers. On our server, we create web apps and supply you with authorization codes and credentials. As a result, you'll be able to log in and see the progress of your website's continuing development.

Our professional team members respond to your questions and provide assistance based on the modifications you want to make to your app and the services you choose.

We've assisted a number of people who had no idea how to establish a business. It's much better to collaborate with someone who has only a sliver of an idea. This way, we can work together to fill in the gaps in your idea and create an app.

When it comes to web app development, don't be afraid to ask for a precise estimate. This tiny action could help you save a lot of time, money, and worries.

We served the happy clients in the following industries:

  • Food
  • E-Commerce
  • Marketplace
  • Education
  • Healtcare
  • Transport & Logistic
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Banking & Finance
  • Real Estate
  • On-Demand Delivery

We accept payments from our clients in these ways: PayPal, Stripe, and direct bank transfer. However, depending on the client's preferences, we can be flexible with different payment methods.

We follow milestones for project completion, thus the client must pay 30% upfront when the project begins, 40% when the first milestone is completed, and the final 30% at the time of delivery.

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