Booking App Feature Listing

  • search

    SearchUsers can utilize a quick and easy search option to find the services they need.

  • services

    servicesA large and diverse selection of services is available for valuable users to search for their chosen services.

  • property

    FiltersUsers can utilize a variety of dynamic filters to find the services they want based on their needs and wants.

  • booking

    BookingTo avoid queuing and ruining the mood, an instant pre-booking method is available.

  • mortgage

    MortgageThis feature facilitates the user with a logical and systematic approach to calculating and obtaining the best mortgage rates.

  • promotions

    Promotions & DiscountsTo entice your loyal consumers, offer exclusive promotions and discounts.

  • check

    Check OutTo settle payment for the bookings online, there is an easy and user-friendly checkout facility.

  • payment

    Payment GatewaysConvenient transactions and check-outs with popular and advanced payment methods.

  • wallet

    E-WalletE-wallet that is both systematic and responsive, allowing consumers to make online payments with simplicity and minimal effort.

  • history

    Maintain HistoryHistory of previously booked services is maintained in an active and very well form.

  • reviews

    Reviews and RatingsWith a simple review and rating system, you can stay up to current on your customers' experiences.

  • property

    FiltersUsers will receive instant notifications regarding their actions and reservations.


Admin Panel Features

  • analytics

    Dashboard & AnalyticsThrough a full admin dashboard, you can manage and examine your app statistics and analytics, as well as get quick information on all of your users, sales earnings, and so on.

  • content

    Content ManagementUsing an easy and user-friendly content management system, you can create, upload, and manage all of the information on the app, as well as make run-time modifications.

  • user

    User ManagementBy using a user management system, you can control and manage all application users, as well as observe their activities and learn about their interests.

  • management

    Services ManagementCreate, maintain, and modify services as well as their data that are presented on the app for users to view and book.

  • promotions

    Promotions & Discounts ManagementCreate unique promos and discounts to entice customers to purchase your products and take advantage of varied discounts.

  • bookings

    Bookings ManagementStart managing all bookings made on the application by different users, as well as accept/reject bookings based on service availability, using the booking management platform.

  • reviews

    Reviews & Ratings ManagementUsing a review and ratings management system, you can stay up to speed on your valuable customers' thoughts and experiences, as well as manage their reviews and ratings on services.

  • notifications

    Pop Up Notifications OptionsUse the notification tool to stay up to date on your customers' actions and status.



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