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Announce your crazy and game-changing idea of a game among the gamers and the industry with our stellar game development services.

AppsNation is a renowned and reliable team of game developers, offering a wide range of game development services. Our mission is to turn those out-of-the-box ideas into reality with a highly functional and robust game developed by our exceptional game development services.

We are on the verge of converting unique gaming ideas into reality to make it the next viral thing among gamers and the gaming industry. Our game developers are ingenious and go beyond conventional creativity to design your game with alluring aesthetics, perfect animation, and character design. The graphics depend on your requirements, yet we give it a realistic look to impress players.


Why Choose AppsNation

We provide high-quality game development to clients all around the world. To produce excellent tales and exceptional gaming experiences, our team of tech-savvy game developers goes beyond the frontier of imagination.

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Cross Platform Support

We are famous for developing games across different platforms using a single code-base for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

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Design And Animation

Our designers and animators create user-friendly top-class graphics of a game to impress players with the game design and animation.

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UI/UX Integration

We power up the gaming experience with great UI/UX integration into the game and ensure no glitches while playing the game.

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Visuals And Graphics

Our visual artists and graphics designers follow the latest graphics demand of players to ensure their addictiveness towards the game.

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Robust Game Development

We are top-rated for developing bug-free, highly functional, and responsive games to offer players a flawless and amazing gaming experience.

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Push Notification Support

We leverage the push notification feature with exciting alerts to preserve players' interest and engagement.

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Social Media Integration

Itis essential to connect gamers to increase users, and we do it the right way with seamless social media integration.

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Monetization Of The Game

We create result-driven monetization strategies for the game, including in-app purchases and ads.


Creative mobile app development agency

We help a diverse clientele build result-driven mobile apps for different industries.

Hyper Casual Games Development

Hyper Casual Games Development are the kind of mobile games that comes with the features like stacking, rotating, and falling.The main purpose of the hyper casual game is to give the more engagement and addictiveness towards the game.Hyper casual game are the one those can create a pleasant environment when the gamers are playing the games.Our highly professional team can assist you in hyper casual game development with satisfied guarantee.

Edutainment Game Development

Edutainment means education with entertainment. We offer edutainment game development services best for more grown kids and even adults as well.Edutainment apps mostly use for educational or learning purpose but with entertainment so, the kid can enjoy the education or learning. Appsnation is one of the leading names in the game development industry with a team of highly trained professionals.

Fantasy Game Development

Do you want to entice people in your game then fantasy spots software development might be your choice. Appsnation is one of the leading name when everyone talks about game development.We can assist you to develop fully fledged fantasy sports game that includes all the necessary stuff like football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, hockey, cricket, and car racing.

Education game development

The main purpose of education game development is to enhance the learning skills, they will help to develop brain growth and thinking ability in such a tough and hard situations so, every can improve their learning ability while playing the educational games.The main aim of educational game development to get knowledge from the games through learning.

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Our Game Development Process

AppsNation offers clients an easy and smooth game development process with a result-driven ideology.


Requirement Analysis

Bring your unique gaming idea to AppsNation. Our expert game analysts will analyze your game development requirements based on your target audience, type of game, platform choice, competition, and budget.


Technical Requirements Analysis

Once you define your budget and goal, we now analyze your technical requirements such as the character design, technology to implement, level of graphics, features to include, and many other aspects based on your budget and targeted audience.


Game Development Strategies

When every requirement is finalized, our game development expert analysts offer you a promising and result-driven plan to capture a remarkable share of the gaming industry. We help you become the new trend among gamers and streamers.


Game Designing

Our creative designers foster user-centric and client-focused game designs with the most preferable and recommended design studios and software. We provide games and gamers with a realistic feel for graphics and game design.


Concept Art

Concept art is the drawing that gives an idea of the game environment, characters, surroundings, and overall map or world. We have highly ingenious individuals born as concept artists to sketch out your game.


Art Asset Creation

Most games need a large number of creative materials. Artists, music composers, and voice actors must collaborate with designers and developers to ensure that all parts fit together. We have got you covered with the best of the bests.


Game Development

The programmers will be busy developing ideas, implementing new features, and addressing issues discovered along the way. We make sure to apply cutting-edge and customized technologies to build your perfect game.


Quality Assurance Testing

It is vital to ensure that the game operates as planned. Therefore, our quality assurance team never waits until the game is done; instead, testers begin their work as soon as anything is playable to save time and make the entire process go smoothly.


Final Delivery

Once the entire game is thoroughly tested on multiple devices and platforms with different settings, it is set to launch in the stores on the client's approval. Again, we follow all the guidelines and have years of experience launching games on various platforms.


Support & Maintenance

Following the release of the game's final version, it enters the last step of the game development process – post-production – which includes discovering and squashing defects and frequent software or content upgrades.

Technology Stack

We use a variety of technologies to create the perfect game based on your specifications.

android Logo


Android Studio is a feature-rich and highly versatile framework for developing Android applications. It is an official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing Android apps. AppsNation has years of expertise developing highly functional Android apps using Android Studio

Google Fit SDK Logo

Google Fit SDK

Make the most of our expertise in Google Fit SDK to obtain yourself a feature-rich android app for health care and fitness. Google Fit offers Android and all other APIs to assist developers in creating better health and wellness apps. In addition, it helps you discover fresh insights that users desire to share with you

Unity Logo


The most obvious advantage of utilizing Unity is its simplicity. It employs C#, which is deemed simple, has a user-friendly interface, and has clear architecture. Start your game development adventure with the help of our skilled Unity professionals.

Java Logo


We offer to empower your business with an android app fostered using Java. Java has a large number of libraries. It is simple to make use of these libraries. Many standard Java libraries are bundled with the Android SDK. These contain a data structure, graphics implants, networking functions, etc.

Kotlin Logo


We provide you with powerful bespoke Android applications thanks to our adequate knowledge in Kotlin. Kotlin, a general-purpose language, adds functional elements to allow Java compatibility. Kotlin arose from increased efficiency – a better coding experience in both Native and Hybrid app development.

Xamarin Native C Logo

Xamarin Native C

We have a good grip on Xamarin Native C to design highly scalable Android apps. Using platform-specific UI components, Xamarin allows you to design faultless experiences. Xamarin can also be used to create cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows

React Native Logo

React Native

Transform and digitalize your business with our expert React Native developers. React Native allows you to develop genuinely native apps while maintaining the user experience. You may use React Native to create mobile apps that work well on both Android and iOS platforms

Firebase Logo


We have been using Firebase to power organizations with customized mobile app solutions. Firebase is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that enables developers to build outstanding customer experiences as well as store and sync data amongst users in real-time.

Unreal Engine Logo

Unreal Engine

One of the main reasons for Unreal Engine's appeal is its flexibility; whatever the project, it can manage it with access to the whole C++ source code. With the help of our skilled Unreal Engine developers, present your strong game to the audience.

Amazon Sumerian Logo

Amazon Sumerian

Amazon Sumerian is AWS's VR engine, and it does not require any 3D graphics or VR programming abilities to operate. In addition, Sumerian is compatible with all central VR systems. We provide you with the best Amazon Sumerian professionals, to begin with, your game development

ARToolkit Logo


ARToolkit has simplified the development of robust AR games for iOS, Android, Windows, PC, console, etc., with no prior expertise working with augmented reality is required. Step into the new reality with expert AR developers proficient in the ARToolkit framework

HTML5 Logo


HTML5 Game Creation refers to browser-based game development that uses the same languages and tools as front-end development - favored by game development companies. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to develop basic games that can run on any platform that has a browser

Photon Logo


Photon Unity Networking (PUN) reimplements and extends the networking functions integrated into Unity. Unity communicates and matches players using Photon's characteristics. Developers with prior networking experience with Unity will feel right at home with Photon.

Python Logo


The relative easiness of the language, which is written similarly to English, is maybe the best justification for writing games with Python - easy to learn and use. Python is a fantastic programming language for prototyping. Your efforts have an immediate impact

Vuforia Logo


Vuforia is a popular Augmented Reality platform for developers. It makes it simple for developers to incorporate object recognition technology into UWP, iOS, and Android applications. Vuforia Engine has the technology to assist you in making AR a reality, and you have us to make your AR app idea a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally binding document that we use to ensure that your ideas are not copied or leaked to competitors when working on other projects. As a result, you should be less worried about the safety of your game concept.

Most current PC or console games take three to five years to build, but a mobile game may be created in months. Various factors impact the duration of game development, such as; production time, including genre, scope, development platform, and asset count.

The scale primarily determines the number of features, levels, visual assets, and technological sophistication of the game and the team's size, talent, and stability. For example, the average casual game usually takes 2–6 months to create, but the average AAA game takes 18–36 months to develop.

We use various technologies to create the perfect game based on your specifications.

Technologies We Used For Game Development:

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • HTML5
  • Java/J2EE
  • Swift
  • Photon
  • WebRTC
  • Ejjaberd
  • AWS
  • Google App Engine
  • Azure
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Lens Studio
  • Amazon Sumerian
  • Vuforia
  • ARToolkit
  • Spark AR

AppsNation is here to help businesses grow and thrive. As a result, we provide three months of free support and maintenance to keep your game updated and bug-free. Furthermore, the assistance term can be extended or modified based on the customer's needs.

Mobile games are often developed for the iOS and Android platforms, with expenses ranging from $ 3,000 for basic mini-games to $ 150,000 for more complicated, multi-player games. Prices can also vary based on the features you wish to include, payment methods, administrative functions, game kind and complexity, marketing, and the development studio.

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