Loyality App Feature Listing

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    Promotional OffersDrooling and stand-out promotions and offers right after signing up for a loyalty program.

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    Earn & Redeem PointsPleasing and exceptional earn & redeem points options for the user to avail broad range offers.

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    RewardsSystematic and well-balanced rewards system for the users to avail broand range offers.

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    Share with FriendsSeamless invite option for your friends to get into the application and earn the points for themselves and you as well

Admin Panel Features

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    Dashboard & AnalyticsManage and view your app statistics and analytics and get the rapid reports of all your users, sales, profits etc. through extensive admin dashboard.

  • content

    Content ManagementCreate, upload and manage all the content on the application and make run-time changes through simple and user-friendly content management system.

  • user

    User ManagementControl and manage all the application users and view their activities to know about their interests by user management system.

  • promotions

    Promotions & Discounts ManagementCreate drooling promotions and offers to attract users to buy your product and avail various discounts.

  • reviews

    Reviews & Ratings ManagementKeep update with your valuable customers’ thoughts and experience and manage their reviews and rating management system.

  • notifications

    Notifications/AlertsGet notified with your customers activities and statuses through notification / alerts feature.



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